Meaning and Fusion of Work

… collaborative happenings from Timişoara

European Capital of Culture 2023


Meaning & Fusion of Work happenings propose a broad interdisciplinary reflection, debate and research, both scientific and cultural – artistic perspectives, on key questions about the society evolution as following:

– Artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and robotics make most of us irrelevant economically?

Can we have vocation fulfillment without a sense of the usefulness and relevance of our lives for others?

– Are highly creative jobs that require a lot of innovation and initiative suitable for everyone?

– Sports, the arts, social and environmental care projects, which require the same qualities as competitiveness, creativity and initiative in future jobs, could fill the human need for meaning and the adjacent ones such as belonging and recognition in within the community, when the majority of the population does not have these kind of skills very well developed?

– What does it mean to live, work, share materially and emotionally and in balance with the natural environment and biodiversity?

– What can we do today to feel better physically and emotionally, meaningfully and in harmony with nature and fellow human beings?

Program initiated by ErgoWork Society, Politehnica University Timisoara, West University Timisoara, Iulius Town, Nature Desks, Faber Association, Romanian Workplace & Facility Management Association


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