Meaning and Fusion of Work, pilot event on 16 and 21 of June 2022

There are two days that brings together the main activities dedicated to the WORK topic, initiated by the ErgoWork Society and planned in 2023 – Timisoara European Capital of Culture, as a pilot project in 2022.

The first day, 16th of June 2022, will bring together the following activities:

The second day, 21 of June 2022, is focused on Iulius Gardens activities:

  • Iulius Outdoor Office Day on 21 of June 2022, outdoor happening with participation of Nature Desks, Iulius Town and GreenForest. People from Iulius Town Business Center will go out to work in the Iulius Gradens.
  • Students from Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timisoara, will create outdoors in Iulius Gardens spontaneous artistic drawings and objects in the frame of Meaning & Fusion of Work topic.
  • Outdoor Debates and Workshops with business practitioners, writers and artists about Meaning & Fusion of Work in the Iulius Gardens.

Program initiated by ErgoWork SocietyPolitehnica University TimisoaraWest University TimisoaraIulius TownNature DesksFaber Association, Romanian Workplace & Facility Management Association


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